Custom Enamel Pins


  Want to make custom pins for your brand?

Free Shipping. Free Enamel Pin Design. Fast Turnaround. 100% Custom Lapel Pins. USA Made. We handle everything. Design, creation, packaging, and pricing that guarantees ROI. We make soft enamel and hard enamel pins for awesome brands. No hassle quotes, straightforward pricing.

To start a custom order, email:

Just say: Hey! I want some custom pins. 


Sample Backing with Pin mockup

Custom Lapel Pins

Custom enamel pins help get the word out for your brand in a unique way. Pins can range from super high-quality commemorative pieces for top of the line employees, customers, and partners or a cost-effective way to share your brand in the real world. Especially when combined with custom pin backing cards, where you can promote your website, logo, contact info, and make social worthy photo opportunities to go with your hashtags. 

HotFire Pins will complete the entire process. You don't even have to come up with the idea, but it's also cool when you do. Seeing it go from idea to something you can pin on a jacket is really cool. Some people send in nothing, other people send descriptions, some send sketches, and others send in perfectly layered vector files - no matter what stage you're at we'll handle it. Best of all, our pin design is ABSOLUTELY FREE and included with your pin purchase. We'll set up the design file for you. No worries. Custom made pins are our specialty. 

How does the Custom Pin process work?

You send us an email and let us know what you want. 

Example Email:

Hi HotFire Pins,

My name is YOUR NAME. I want some lapel pins designed for my brand. I have an idea/design (or just say make something cool)... it's this: YOUR IDEA/DESIGN. How much would you charge me for this many: input #. 

We'll respond with an answer! No runarounds. Just straightforward quote in a simple email. You can also just give us a call if you'd like. Or DM us on Instagram. 

We design the pins, you approve them or request changes, we finalize them, we make them, we send them to you. That's it. 

Why you should use custom pins:

  • Brand: show people who you are (people love putting pins on jean jackets, back packs, suit lapels, hats, and really almost anything they can)
  • Acknowledge Employees: whether you want to set the best employees apart from the rest with an honorable pin or you want guests to know who your employees are -- our pins are great for that
  • Non-profits: great to help non-profits raise money for good causes, yes, use enamel pins for fundraising! 
  • Trading: make something unique that will be traded
  • Members Only Pins: give them to club members as outward verification
  • Fashion Statement: make pins for fashion and lifestyle brands 
  • Collectible items: pins are collected, yours could be next 

We would be more than happy to create a custom enamel pin design to suit your needs. We make hard enamel and soft enamel pins. 

Hard Enamel Pins vs. Soft Enamel Pins: 

The easy answer: Hard enamel pins are completely smooth. Soft enamel pins have recesses which create a texture on the surface of the pin. 

Which one should you get? Honestly, it's pure preference. People love both.

If it's a super simple design that is used for something official or membership based -- sometimes people will choose hard enamel more often. If it's fun brand stuff, fashion, or collectors items -- typically more soft. But I've seen the opposite! Seriously, it doesn't matter. People really love both. It's up to you. Or leave it up to us!